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Avoid Selectors Hell

Hi guys. Today’s morning I was finally annoyed by current situation with columns handling in HTML / JS / CSS stack. It’s totally logical but absolutely uncomfortable to work without single column entity. So I decided to develop a single library to solve future headache.
Library is absolutely simple and developed in two editions: jQuery plugin and native js library. Both of them has the same functionality except animations. I keep animations for native version overboard: it’s will increase a library size.
Using this library you can manage columns of your table:

  • Select column to use with jquery ‘addClass’, ‘css’, ‘remove’, ‘append’ or any other options.
  • Also you can select a column in native version of script and use is with native JS DOM methods.
  • Simple hiding, displaying, toggling columns.
  • Possibility to discard all changes by one method.
  • Functions is chainable in both versions
  • DOM selector for native version similar to jquery selector.
  • Extremely small size.
    You can check, download and comment this plugin on it’s github page:

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